Let it Flow

Sometimes you have to twist the knob to get the water flowing and it can be much the same way when it comes to writing. This is why I've started to get back into writing fanfiction. When I find myself stuck with writer's block there's no better cure to get me writing than picking up... Continue Reading →


Little Surprises

This will be a quick post. I just wanted to drop in to say that sometimes I find myself caught off-guard by the people who support my writing dream. One of the perks of my day job is the ability to write while I'm there and it's one thing I've always loved. It helps to... Continue Reading →


Can you believe that it's already the day after Christmas? In a handful of days it'll be 2019. Needless to say, my 2018 didn't exactly go as I hoped, especially in these last few months. Events in my private and professional life knocked me off track and I've only just found my way back to... Continue Reading →

Finding my Words

This last month has been hellish. Back at the beginning of October I lost a dear friend, a man who was an influence on my life and led me to write my first male/male story (which was a fanfic). I was fortunate enough to know him for more than 20yrs, even though the miles between... Continue Reading →

14 in 3

That's the name of the game. 14 novels done before the end of the year. It's actually not entirely as crazy as it sounds. There are at least 90 days left to the year so even if I only write a 1,000 words a day on each novel I'll get them done. Of course, that's... Continue Reading →

Lost Words

My goals for September are lofty, much like every month, and in the previous cases I've let myself down. This month I'm on track to do the same. It seems I've lost my words. Someone who meant a great deal to me recently went away. This person was involved in my writing and the support... Continue Reading →

Dreams that Die

I know that I've once before, and not that long ago, written a post in relation to my sexual orientation. (Where Do I Belong? ) I'd like to take some time to do it again. Growing up, of all the things I imagined, of all the adventures I expected to have and all the experiences I... Continue Reading →

The Horror of Rarity Island

Where do I even begin to explain what I put myself through, how it made me feel, and where it's left me in my writing journey? There has been a lot of letting myself down this year. A lot of time spent being mad at myself for missing important deadlines that mattered to me. All... Continue Reading →

Always Making Plans…

...And never sticking to them. But it's August. A new month. Another chance to try again. So let's see how things go this month. My list may be overly ambitious, but I have to give it my honest best shot. There are changes I want to make to this blog and new branches I want... Continue Reading →

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