The Horror of Rarity Island

Where do I even begin to explain what I put myself through, how it made me feel, and where it's left me in my writing journey? There has been a lot of letting myself down this year. A lot of time spent being mad at myself for missing important deadlines that mattered to me. All... Continue Reading →


Always Making Plans…

...And never sticking to them. But it's August. A new month. Another chance to try again. So let's see how things go this month. My list may be overly ambitious, but I have to give it my honest best shot. There are changes I want to make to this blog and new branches I want... Continue Reading →

Favorite Stories I’ve Written

I found this fun list of blog topics for writers and thought I'd give it a go to keep me posting updates. The first topic on the list is to talk about favorite pieces I've written. The first one that comes to mind is instantly¬†Bloodstained Heart, which is a gay romance involving my idea of... Continue Reading →

Where Do I Belong?

I want to take a step away from my writing for a moment with this post to discuss the pain I've been feeling the last few days. June is Pride Month. It's supposed to be that time of the year when those who don't fit the societal norm celebrate themselves, their community, their history, and... Continue Reading →

Cockygate: This is Important

For those not in the world of writing or aware of what's going on, here's the breakdown. An indie author by the name of Faleena Hopkins decided that she had the right to trademark a word. She claims that her fans were confusing similarly titled books for hers and complaining about having wasted their money.... Continue Reading →

Mentally More Ambitious

The title says it all. Some days I feel more ambitious in my head. For some reason I have a hard time translating that into actions. It's something I need to work on. This might be a common writer thing, I'm not sure, but when I'm bogged down with work all I want to do... Continue Reading →

Raining Words

Had a bit of a mini monsoon here this morning, though we sort of needed the rain. The river is riding high and should it rain again this afternoon I'm sure it'll flood. Status quo for spring! Yesterday I made up my list of writing projects I'd like to see done this month. Twelve. Is... Continue Reading →

Gearing Up for Tomorrow

It's happening tomorrow and I'm so darned excited! Carina Press will be once again hosting their Twitter pitch campaign, and the best part of this year is that I can pitch proposals. It' nice not having to have a completed manuscript ready, especially since I've been lax in finishing a novel lately. I'm hoping this... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been There

With everything going on right now in the LGBTA publishing community, I wanted to put in my two cents. For those not in the know there has been a lot of shit hitting the fan and it's left authors and readers hurt. It started (as far as I can tell) with the Santino Hassel story.... Continue Reading →

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