I’ve Been There

With everything going on right now in the LGBTA publishing community, I wanted to put in my two cents. For those not in the know there has been a lot of shit hitting the fan and it's left authors and readers hurt. It started (as far as I can tell) with the Santino Hassel story.... Continue Reading →


This Day

I've spent a portion of the day debating whether or not to even make a post today. This isn't exactly one of my favorite days of the year. So many people focus on their partners and I just get tired of hearing about all the lovey-doviness when I've yet to have a Valentine. So perhaps... Continue Reading →

Pssst, look at this!

My upcoming release! Look at that pretty cover. Painted Petals is the 2nd book in the Sugarbush Creek Series. It can be found for pre-order here and will be out February 10th. Yay! Also, I sold my first piece of 2018. So double yay!

Storming into 2018

December didn't exactly turn out to be the month that I hoped it would be, what with putting down 2 cats and losing one of the horses I work with. There's been a lack of snow and about 2 weeks of subzero and single digit temps. That being said, I wound up taking an unplanned... Continue Reading →

Holiday Tales!

Yay! Tis the season. Who doesn't like to get wrapped up in the holidays? Cozy fires and warm blankets, getting all wrapped up on the couch with a good book. This is the point when I shamelessly self-promote myself. This is a reprint of my (currently only) straight romance. A vet and a rancher, what... Continue Reading →

November Books Review

I thought I would try to make this a new feature in my blog, a monthly recap of the books I've read. Now writing reviews isn't exactly my field of expertise, but here's to hoping I can improve over time. So let's get the ball rolling, shall we? I started the month off with a... Continue Reading →

Excited to Write

I just wanted to take the time to make a small post to say how fortunate and blessed I feel right now. Maybe I haven't accomplished the goals I set out to achieve at the start of the year, and who knows, there's still time left before 2018, I might get some done. The pace... Continue Reading →

Disappointment & Smiles

I'm going to start this post on a good note. It's October. Who doesn't love this month? As I'm typing this it's gray and dreary outside, having spent all night raining. This is perfect weather for the spooky month. Also, it finally feel likes fall here. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Followed very closely by... Continue Reading →

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