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Hallmark Review: The Game Changer

Happy New Year! Yes, I'm aware that it's 11 days in to 2020, but still, welcome to a new year and a new decade! There are a few changes in store for my blog and hopefully this year I'll do better at keeping up-to-date posts. But you know what they say about the best laid… Continue reading Hallmark Review: The Game Changer

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Hallmark review: Love by Chance

I know it's been a while, but before I post an update let me share another gloriously wonderful Hallmark book with you! This one is based on one of their movies, Love By Chance, and sadly, I don't recall having seen it. Sorry! Trust me, though, I've been thoroughly enjoying this year's Christmas movies. ❤… Continue reading Hallmark review: Love by Chance


Hallmark Review: An Unforgettable Christmas

Review time again! This time it's Ginny Baird's An Unforgettable Christmas. Jewelry store accountant-worker, Angie Lopez, perhaps works a bit too much, and her boss, Sam Singleton, owner of Singleton's Jewelers, is a touch demanding. Some might even say he's standoff-ish and a touch cold. He's a driven businessman and love, especially with Angie, is… Continue reading Hallmark Review: An Unforgettable Christmas